Lowly Worm Birthday Party (part 2)

Part one here.

I had high hopes of making party hats for all the kids, but that fell through when I couldn’t find cheap enough material to do so. So I decided to make one only for the birthday boy-it is based on Lowly’s hat. It lasted just long enough to get a couple pictures and that was it. I also used some scrap material to make a bow tie to match Lowly’s. I used a snap, so you can’t adjust the size, but it worked out just fine.

I wanted to have at least one little game planned for the kids to do, since we were going to have a house full both days (14 kids the first day, 13 the second day). I printed off the high-quality Lowly picture full size (about 34 inches) and then taped it to a green background. I cut off his bow-tie, made a knock-off version of the birthday boy’s, and put tape over all the pages. The kids had great fun playing a spinoff of a classic party game–Pin the Bow-tie on Lowly. I hadn’t planned it, but it was handy that I had taped it because we just used a dry erase marker to put an initial where each kid had pinned the bow-tie.

I think someone was peeking when this picture was taken 😉


I had originally planned to do cupcake toppers, so I had made these little flags. I still wanted to use them, so I displayed them in little jars with our other decorations, and then popped one into each child’s goody ‘bag’ on their way out the door.


Each flag said “Noah is 1!” on one side, and had a little picture of Lowly doing something on the other.

With help from family, I collected 21 toilet paper tubes. I was originally looking for flip top tube containers, but couldn’t find any, and my wise sister-in-law suggested the toilet paper tubes. So I collected them, painted them, glued felt to the bottom, and used pipe cleaners for handles. Ta-da! I also printed little stickers that said, “Thank you for coming to Noah’s birthday party!”

I printed off some colouring pages I found online, along with activities I found at randomhousekids.com. I tried to colour coordinate for age, so the blue tubes had harder pictures and an activity, like a maze, or connect the dot puzzle, and the yellow tubes just had one simple picture to colour. Along with the pictures, I put 3 or 4 crayons, a couple Rocket rolls, and a sucker. I wanted it to be simple, but with a bit of candy too, of course!


I found this basket at a liquidation store for $3 and thought it was super cute.

This is a picture of the little decoration display on the piano.


All in all, it was a ton of fun, but I must say I’m glad the next birthday is 6 months away! Just enough time to recover from this one and start planning for the next 😉