Woodland Cupcakes

Ok, this was a lot of fun! Frog, fox, owl, and mushroom cupcakes:


I wish I’d had something neat to display them on, but we ended up at the park anyway, so my tupperware container was the most practical!


So the foxes were the most difficult. Apparently fox cupcakes are not super popular. This was my attempt at them. Next time, I think they will turn out better, and neater 🙂 The important thing is that the birthday boy was excited about the foxes… so I said, “Mission Accomplished!”


The owls were easy, but a little time consuming.


I think I would count the frogs as the most successful of the whole lot. However, I did learn my lesson about freezing m&m’s. When I thawed them, all the colour ran over the icing. They still looked like frogs, but not as neat. DSC_0616