Lowly Worm birthday party (part 1)

It was a long, cold winter, so I spent a lot of time looking forward to Noah’s first birthday party. It would have been a lot of work if I tried to do it all in the week before, but since I spread it over about 3 months, it was just fun 🙂 Many of my ideas stemmed from this blog post. I also got my lovely large high quality Lowly image to print from the same blog 🙂 I had made the invitations already, so Lowly was a bit pixelly, but after I used a Sharpie to do some outlining, it improved quite nicely 🙂IMG_20150409_133636

There are not many Lowly worm cake ideas to go on, so I was pretty much on my own for that. (In hindsight this wasn’t so much a Busytown Birthday, as a Lowly Worm party, but oh well!


With some assistance from my talented mother, we managed to create a cake that at least resembled Lowly. (My two year old could see it, but one of my nephews informed me that it didn’t really look like Lowly, but the icing was very delicious! 🙂 ) We did the party in two rounds, so the first day I served cupcakes, and the second day we had cake.


I decided on apple cupcakes since they were nice and simple, and fit in with the theme (Lowly’s apple car).

I was pleased to find these cheap paper plates that matched nicely with the colour scheme!


I also whipped up this decorative garland (and yes, I mean whipped up, it was so easy!)


I will post part 2 tomorrow, hopefully, with the rest of the decorations 🙂 It’s so much fun planning a themed birthday party, but if you have to spend a pile of money, it’s not quite so enjoyable. I can confidently say that I spent less than $20 on everything, much of which is reusable for future parties!

Stay tuned for the rest of the pictures tomorrow 🙂


2 weeks later and cake

Well if the silence on the blog didn’t tip you off, this picture might:
DSC_0073I made this cake a few weeks before my due date and thankfully we were able to serve it to a few visitors. (I say thankfully because I thought.. what if it’s a girl? I can’t show the cake to anyone and we’ll have to eat it all ourselves!) DSC_0075Anyway it’s nothing fancy (can you tell I ran out of whipped cream! haha) but it kept me busy while waiting for Noah to arrive! And now here we are more than two weeks later and I’m typing one-handedly, holding our little boy in my arms 🙂

I remembered, while in labour, to tell Dan to take the cake out of the freezer. I vaguely recall him looking at me kinda funny and saying, “Really? Right now?” In that moment I was envisioning celebrating with a piece of cake shortly after the baby was born. That didn’t happen, but at least it was thawed for the next day! 🙂