How does my garden grow?


I have a long history of killing houseplants. Or at least, failing to keep them alive and thriving. Nevertheless, I wanted to try my hand at vegetable gardening.

When that first little seedling poked it heads above ground, I was ecstatic.

I truly had expected nothing to grow. To my surprise, most of the planted seeds sprouted, and grew, and thrived! I had a little lesson in transplanting, and ended up just starting over with some seeds directly in the garden.

My snow peas were one of the ones I did not have to start over (although I did plant more from seed). The transplanted ones are thriving now, and I was so happy to pick some of the first snow peas this week!

I thought my transplanted tomatoes had died after we had a late frost, but I left them planted anyway. Today I discovered that they are definitely growing and actually look much healthier than the ones I planted from the garden centre. They are, however, quite a bit smaller, so we’ll see what happens.


I did some reading on vegetable gardening before I planted everything, so I had some basic knowledge, but now I just water, weed, and wait. I’m surprised at how much I could fit into the (relatively) small space that we set aside for the garden.


This experimental summer is giving me great hope for the future. It’s even inspiring me to buy a few houseplants again, though I haven’t dared to, yet. Maybe in a few years, I’ll have a thriving vegetable garden, and indoor plants as well! 😉


One thought on “How does my garden grow?

  1. doreentamminga June 20, 2015 / 11:05 am

    Lovely! Nothing tastes better than your own vegetables….if you remember to water them ;). John keeps our houseplants alive these days. I killed many by faithfully drowning them once every week or two!

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