Spice Rack Bookshelves

While looking for bookshelf ideas for the reading nook, I came across this Ikea Spice Rack idea.
I originally had wanted to do rain gutter book shelves, like this:

I thought this would be more customizable for length, and Ikea is a bit far away for us, so it seemed easier. But it proved to just be a big pain, and more expensive!
So off we trekked to Ikea. We spent a couple hours there, and found a lot of handy things, but no spice racks! We should have just found someone to ask, but by the time we thought of that, we were all the way through the store, so we just left it.

At home, we checked online, and discovered there were indeed 250ish spice racks stocked at our particular Ikea! Oops. Instead of making the big trip again, we ordered them online.

Anyway, after all that, we had a perfectly timed snow day yesterday which gave us time to put them up. We decided to hold off hanging them up in the reading nook for a few months, and hung 3 in a bedroom upstairs. Nap time is more like book-time around here, so this was a nice solution to keeping the books a little neater upstairs.

DSC_0291 DSC_0294

We decided not to paint them, because, well, let’s be honest here, less work! But also because I like the plain wood colour. We may paint the two shelves for in the reading nook, but that project is at a standstill for now 🙂 The spice racks are small, so you can only fit about 5 books on each shelf, but I like that the kids can see the covers, instead of hauling 30 books off the shelf to find the one they’re looking for. This was also a very affordable solution, only $5 or so per shelf. And if you’re smarter than us, you can save the extra $15 shipping cost 😉


One thought on “Spice Rack Bookshelves

  1. doreentamminga February 26, 2015 / 1:44 pm

    Very cool, idea, Est! Hmmm….now where’s an empty wall?

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