Birth Info Print/Baby Predictor

Little project after little project… it keeps me busy these last weeks. Sometimes I have bursts of energy that produce a tray of fresh baked muffins or a vacuumed house before 8:30 a.m. Other times… not so much.

One afternoon I decided to make little birth info printables (not sure what else to call it) for Elijah and the baby. Β I downloaded some free clipart animals to go with his room theme (jungle animals). The actual printable has his middle name, birth date, weight, time etc. but privacy-sensitive old me only included this part of it:

I also made one for the baby. I put in all the info, just guessing, and after the baby is actually born, I just have to correct the details. (Unless the gender is wrong, then I’ll be starting from scratch!)

Anyway, it’s nothing big, but I will probably print these in 8×10/6×8 and hang them in the bedrooms/on the doors. I had a cross-stitch design with all of my baby information, and always liked it, so I thought this would be cute to have as well. It was fun to accomplish something while just sitting around πŸ˜‰

Any ideas for what to keep myself busy with? I’m looking forward to the warmer temperatures which have been forecast for the rest of the week, so maybe we’ll be going on some big walks. We’re starting to get a little crazy here after being cooped up most of the winter!

Also, I don’t have any incentive for you to participate, but I always think baby gender, name, weight, date predictor games are fun πŸ™‚ Anyone want to play? Leave a comment with your guess (actual due date is April 8). Or don’t. I’m more of a reader than a commenter too!


5 thoughts on “Birth Info Print/Baby Predictor

  1. Jacinda Vandenberg March 27, 2014 / 5:08 pm

    My guess is Girl, Selah Eve, 7 lbs 11 oz., April 2, πŸ˜‰

  2. Irene March 27, 2014 / 6:28 pm

    Girl! April 1

  3. godlymetamorphosis March 27, 2014 / 6:41 pm

    To throw a wrench in the guesses, I’m going for Boy, David James, 6 lb. 11 oz., on April 3rd.

  4. Sandra March 28, 2014 / 9:52 am

    Girl on April 1st πŸ˜‰ Rebekka Anne. 7 lbs.

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