A Pillow

Remember this post about my new chair? Well, I finally got around to making a pillow to go with it! It’s one of those easy little projects that you just keep putting off for no particular reason…

Anyway, Saturday morning I finally just sat down and did it. Dan was off working and Elijah puttered about pretending to measure material with my little measuring tape.

one side

For whatever reason, I always like to over complicate things and turn a quick project into a more difficult project. So I had the brilliant idea to put hearts on the grey side. They don’t look fantastic, (last-minute ideas rarely turn out in my favour) but I think they look cute enough, and spruce up the dark side of the pillow. I had just enough stuffing left from my owl mobile/felt letter projects to fill up the pillow!

other side

Anyway, here is the final result, on the chair. I am very happy with the outcome 🙂 This chair is so bright and cheerful now. This room is often sunny, so it’s a really nice room to spend time in. DSC_0067Truth be told, pillows like these are a little useless, though, aren’t they? I mean every time I sit down, I guess I just toss the pillow on the floor? Oh well… Now onto the next little project of my curtain tiebacks.

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