IMG_20140321_195304There is a big problem with having your first baby early. It gives you totally false expectations about the next baby. I’m exactly a week past when Elijah was born and I feel like I’ll be pregnant forever! Of course, I know, in my head, it’s better if this baby stays put for another couple weeks. But the rest of me is saying I want this baby NOW!

I’m stuck in a big rut of lack of ambition, ‘unmotivation’, laziness.. etc. I did so much baby prep, that now I only have a few little things left to do. Unfortunately I have neither energy nor incentive.

DSC_0060Perhaps once I’m in labour I will feel suddenly motivated to make those curtain tiebacks, iron a couple shirts, and finish Elijah’s little felt letter…

For now, I’m doing an awful lot of waiting…and waiting… Of course, 17 days till my due date is really no time at all, and if I think too hard, I may panic at how close it actually is!

It’s all a battle of the mind!


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