Change Pad Covers

Sorry in advance for the bad quality pictures, they were taken on my phone..

I didn’t really feel like buying the IKEA change pad that was paired with the change table, since it was kind of boring, and around $15-$20. I figured I could make a couple… and I was right. This kitty material was $4/metre on clearance. I had leftover curtain lining, so I used that for the back. The mattress inside was $3. So I got two change pad covers and the foam mattress for $7 total… not bad.
2014-03-13 10.49.29I wanted something easy enough to slip on and off (for tossing in the laundry), so I made it with the opening about a third of the way down the bottom. 2014-03-13 10.47.24The foam mattress is an inch thick. I still want to put some sort of liner around it so I don’t have to wash the foam if it gets wet. (I’m not sure it would survive a machine wash!). I’m thinking of doing something with a big black garbage bag, since that will do the job and is easy to just replace occasionally as well.

2014-03-13 10.46.48This was a fun learning experience again. Since it didn’t matter if it was a little too big, there was no stress about sewing it perfectly. From cutting out to completion probably took me 1.5 hrs in total, for both. So it was a quick project too (and that includes pulling out 2 rows of stitching after I hemmed the wrong side of the bottom piece). Now to see if I have enough scrap material in my fabric box to make one more! Hurray for one more thing to cross of my list 🙂

Just ignore the messy bottom shelf on that last picture.. Someone was ‘reorganizing’ all the cloth diapers 🙂

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