the days that fill our lives

If life was like the movies, we’d be all slow motion, spinning in circles, laughter tossed up with our windblown hair, hands clasped together, impish smiles with mischievous twinkles to light our eyes. Instead it’s over all too fast and soon we are crying for unsettled stomachs, scraggly hair, and dirt under our toenails. DSC_0271This joy, the unspoiled sound of child’s laughter, is mine to hold onto. Through the fits, late nights, early mornings, sleepless in-betweens, I cherish the happinesses that are mine.

If life was like the movies, it’d be cheap, forgettable. Here in my arms I hold an unmistakable token of God’s love.

It’s real-time, not slow motion, as I tiptoe up the stairs. No trace of a care, no hint of pain, no uncertainty, upon that face…a world where all is well, where all love and are loved. And I need this before facing my own night tempted with images of plane crashes, train derailments, murders, unrest..bad news, bad news, bad news. But I will close my eyes in peace and sleep and hold you in my arms and spin, dance, spin, dance among the wildflowers in a beautiful place we have not yet known.

2 thoughts on “the days that fill our lives

  1. Herma Van Meppelen Scheppink July 25, 2013 / 10:53 pm

    Choosing joy moment by moment….today seeing straw being harvested i thought that straw was sunshine trapped in grasses for us to hold on to…Thank you Esther for sharing your thoughts

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