By the Rivers of Babylon

We have been willing captives

By the Rivers of Babylon

We have been carried away

There we sat down and wept

We have turned our backs

When we remembered Zion.


We have sung the songs of the world

How shall we sing the Lord’s song

We have called this place our own

In a strange land?

We have given our hearts away

By the Rivers of Babylon.


We have loved this land

If I forget you, O Jerusalem,

We have forgotten our home

Let my right hand forget its skill!

We have been too much in this world.

There we sat down and wept.


Call us back and rescue us!

Remember O LORD!

Call us and we will run!

Babylon is doomed to be destroyed.

Call us and save us and we will be saved!

When we remembered Zion.


*with Psalm 137

Copyright © 2013 by My Red Leather Notebook



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