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For every                                                                              We’ll  fight,   struggling
step I’ll                                                                                   For  life  for those who
hold your                                                                                       Cannot fight
hand, and                                                                                        For their life
we’ll go                                                                                             For the one
together                                                                                            Unheard
into what                                                                                          Who will
we do not                                                                                          Be killed
and cannot                                                                                       If we who
know now.                                                                                        Live, will
We’ll see                                                                                            Not make
Suffering                                                                                           Ourselves
But  I’ll  be  here  and      love     you, Ill thank                         To be heard
God   for  you  and  pray for you that we’d be                 It’s  not safe out  there
kept safe because it’s death and dark out there.            Not for us, not for them.

Will we say that the world is evil and yet                So please hold onto my hand and hold tight
Be silent in the face of evil and injustice                 Together we’ll try and try with all our might
Your hand in mine and both of ours in His            It will be hard and we may not win wars today
Our strength                                                                 But we will
This refuge                                                                    Be a part of
Will never                                                                      The voice of
Leave nor forsake for                                                  The voiceless    weak
He is always with us                                                    My little one see  and
And even if we seem                                                    Listen to me and know
To lose, He                                                                    The wrong is
Will always                                                                    Strong now,
Celebrate the                                                                But they will
Victory over                                                                  Soon be the weak and they who die now will
Sin and death                                                               Rise again and live and we who know Him
Evil and pain                                                                Will live and we will never know pain again.


Copyright © 2013 by My Red Leather Notebook

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