Why I’m Not Proud to be a Canadian

There’s something about busting out the old line about “the True North strong and free” that makes one feel all warm and patriotic about this great wide land we call our own. There’s glory all about the Rocky Mountains, and something awe-inspiring about standing on the rocky coast of Prince Edward Island. The first taste of those Ontario strawberries, the smell of the pine trees way up north, the feeling of those first snowflakes of winter… Don’t get me wrong, I love Canada.

To be a Canadian, however, means a lot more than living in a beautiful country, enjoying relative freedoms, luxuries, and maintaining a high standard of living. Here are several reasons I will never be fully proud to be a Canadian:

1) I don’t have a leader I can be proud of. Enough said.

2) In Canada, it is absolutely legal to kill your pre-born baby at any point in pregnancy. The media talk a lot about American politics, and currently the Gosnell trial is causing a stir. This ‘house of horrors’ is truly terrible. But while Canadians look in disgust at the U.S., there are no laws preventing the same things from happening here, in Canada; it’s simply done in a “neater” and “cleaner” way.

3) It’s okay to kill your baby because it’s a girl, and you really wanted a boy. Then, when one MP wanted to bring up this issue to debate, the Prime Minister said, “Nahh, I said I’m staying out of abortion stuff.” When does it stop? “Canada is the only country in the western world without abortion legislation. Only China and North Korea are in our company.” We Need a Law! 

4) It’s not okay to have a peaceful pro-life meeting at a university, but it’s fine to completely disrupt said meeting screaming crude (to put it lightly) comments, and dressed disgustingly. Don’t worry, they are “looking into it”. In the mean time though, security will just shrug their shoulders and say, “meh, what can ya do?” (I know these things don’t define a university, but I must say I’m embarrassed of the Arts department, where I was once a student.)

Now you may say that these are not very many reasons to lose pride in being a Canadian: it’s really only one reason. However, any country that stands by while hundreds of children are slaughtered a day will not make this heart swell with pride, or beat with patriotism. The fact that my son and niece could have been legally killed the days they were born (36 weeks, 32 weeks) is disgusting. My heart truly aches for these lost innocent lives and as a country, we will certainly be judged for murdering our babies.


I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
my soul knows it very well.

Psalm 139:14

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