picFreeze here. This will all go too quickly.

One day we’ll look back upon the paper printed versions of us, young and beautiful in the fullness of life. We’ll see that those were the days that made up our lives even though we always felt as if we were waiting to arrive. We’ll see that every moment was meant to be cherished because they fly away so quickly. Fleeting is the word to sum up our lives. One day we might wish we had loved more, complained less. We will wish all our wishes away realizing they were all fulfilled in those days. If this is all the love we ever have, all the love we ever give, and all the love we are ever loved with, we are overflowing with blessings. So instead of looking back and wishing our lives differently, we will live today as if it matters. Because it does. This moment, now, turns into then, yesterday, last year, life. We will look back with joy over the blessings, sorrow over the mistakes, gratefulness for forgiveness, sorrow for our still selfish, still faltering hearts. And we will realize that this, here, today, was our purpose and we will pray, as we do today, that we will do it as unto God, for his glory.

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